Independence Square

Independence Square is one of the most beautiful places in the capital Tashkent. Moreover, the most impressive and beautiful fountains are also located in the square.

On the site of the square, there was the palace of Kokand khan from the Kokand dynasty. In 1865, the khanate stopped existing, Tashkent became the part of Russian Imperium and the palace was destroyed. The square first was called the Red Square. Later it was named Lenin Square. After a strong earthquake in 1966, the part of the city and the square were destroyed. The reconstruction ended in 1974 and the square was enlarged. At last, after the declaration of independence, it was called Mustaqillik Maydoni. In the place of Lenin monument a golden globe, a symbol of Independence was installed.

The central part of the square is the Ezgulik, the arch of good and noble intentions. The monument has sixteen marble columns connected with a bridge. The figures of storks symbolizing peace decorate the bridge. Alleys stretch from the arch to the Independence Monument and the symbol of Mother – Motherland, the statue of a woman holding a baby.

The main government and administrative buildings are located around the square; Uzbek Senate building, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Uzbek Parliament Supreme Chamber and other buildings. The park with the Glory and Memory Alley is located opposite the administrative buildings. The alley of the park is decorated with wooden columns. There are Memory Books on the columns with the names of heroes who sacrificed life for Motherland.

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