The Legend of Jeti-Oguz

Jeti-Oguz Canyon or Seven Bulls rocks is one of the most astonishing landmarks of Kyrgyzstan. There is a 35km long wall of several red-brown natural sandstone formations resembling furious bulls standing together. The area is featured in many poems, paintings, music, etc. And one of the Kyrgyz legends is about these impressive rock formations and why/how they are connected with bulls.

According to the legend, there were two famous and powerful khans. Once the greedy and vicious khan stole his neighbour’s beautiful wife. After that case, a brutal war started between the two khans. The vicious khan asked advice from the wise man. Some smart people told him to kill the woman. In that case, the first khan could never take her back and his heart would be quiet.

The khan liked the idea and organized a big feast in the mountains. A lot of guests came and seven bulls were prepared to be killed for the food. When the last bull was killed, khan put a knife into the heart of the stolen wife. So much blood ran from her heart that washed away the seven bulls and killed the khan and his servants. The hot blood covered the mountains and took the dead bodies of seven bulls far from the place. That’s why it’s believed that the 7 formations are the 7 bulls resting on the top of the cliffs and the valley is called Jeti-Oguz (Seven Bulls).

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