Kalta-Minor Minaret

Kalta-Minor is one of the most popular historical and architectural monuments of Khiva. Moreover, it is the symbol of the city.

The minaret is really unique with its design, decoration, and size. It has a 15-meter foundation with a diameter of 14,5 meters and a height of 29 meters. The minaret is unfinished and it is the third part of the project that should have been built. This is the only minaret that is completely covered with glazed tiles and majolica.

The construction of minaret started during the reign of Muhammad Amin Khan. In 1855 he was killed and the construction was stopped. Kalta-minor was supposed to have 70 meters height. According to the records, the minaret was supposed to have a narrow top. It was going to be the highest minaret in Asia. Unfortunately, the construction was never resumed and this is why it is called Kalta-minor translated as “short minaret”.

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