Karagandy city is the largest industrial, economic, scientific and cultural regional centre in Karagandy Province, located in the central part of Kazakhstan. It is the fifth city in Kazakhstan by a population of 497,906 people after Alma-Ata, Shymkent, Nur-Sultan and Aktobe, and also the first city in Karagandy region. The area of the city makes 279 km2, however, with the territory of Akimat it is 498 km2. The administrative city is divided into two districts: Kazybek Biy and Oktyabrsky. The climate in the northern and central Kazakhstan as well as in Karagandy is sharply continental with harsh winters, hot summers and low annual rainfall. Bukpa river flows in the area of the city.

Karaganda is a place where grows karaganda, translated as acacia - shrub plant, where the name derived from. The city is distinguished with beautiful, wide streets and its systematic development. Karaganda has lots of tourist-attracted places, such as Victory Park, Cascade Square, Lenin Street, Tennis Court, Miners Culture Palace and fountains. Etnopark is dedicated to the tenth anniversary of independence where are constructed new city attractions and a mosque. It is famous for its cultural and historical monuments, such as Theatre after Stanislavkiy and Seyfullina, Architecture-memorial Ensemble dedicated to dead in Afghanistan, Miner Glory Monument, Sports Palace named after Abdirov and "Eternal flame" Military Glory Monument. There are also 25 national cultural centres and societies, for example, Russian ‘Consent’ centre, German ‘Wiedergeburt’ centre, Polish ‘Polonia’ society and the Greek ‘Avgi’ centre. There are lots of theatres, cinemas, museums, mausoleums that tourists can visit, as well as, festivals are organised where they can enjoy music and have fun.

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