Khans’ Graves

The complex of ancient burials is located at the foot of Boz Peldek Mountain, not far from Bishkek. The last khans buried in the necropolis were Solto Baitik Kanaev in 1880 and his son in 1910.

The tomb of Baitik-khan is built of traditional adobe brick. Baitik-khan’s mausoleum with a dome is located on a high terrace. The lattice-forged tower with a dome has no welded joint. There is a theory that the dome was made in St. Petersburg this is why the style has nothing to do with traditional oriental style. The gravestones were badly damaged during the century. In the 1990s the monument was reconstructed. The locals still believe that the grave of the khan is a saint place that can heal and bring luck this is why time and again you can see people praying over the grave.

Beside Baitik-khan mausoleum there is another tomb in traditional oriental style dating back to XV-XVII centuries. More likely that the grave was moved here from another cemetery. The oldest graves are located farther, close to the foot of the mountain.

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