Khiva is a small town in Khorezm Province and its history is one short flourishing in not too old times. In Khiva, famous around 1200 years, there are no Uzbek people, but they completely speak in Uzbek language. The whole view of Khiva is the best ancient town above all cities of the former Soviet Union.

Despite this, Khiva is very regional with its amazing integrity and atmosphere. Numerous houses, palaces and temples of the town constructed in the 19th century are younger than palaces of Saint Petersburg. Also, the brightest buildings are turned into inwards with the modest facade hiding the decorations of courtyards and interiors. The most visited objects are madrasas, mosques and palaces which of the following five sights are distinguished: Juma Mosque, Itchan-Kala inner fortress, Tash Khaouli Palace, Kalta-minor Minaret and Kuhna Ark Fortress.

In conclusion, Khiva is an exceptionally solid city of ordinary buildings, and Bukhara is the absolute golden mean.

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