Kogon is a city of the Bukhara administrative region in Uzbekistan. The Turkish name of the city is translated as the ruler. The city was established after the conquest of the Russian Empire in 1888. At that time Bukhara was a semi-independent emirate; emir refused to allow Russians to enter the holy city and build the railway station. This is why the starting point of the station appeared 12 kilometres from Bukhara, and a new settlement Kogon appeared in that place. 

The most popular attraction of this small city is the palace of Bukhara emirs. The construction presents an interesting mixture of East and West civilizations. As an architectural attraction, the palace is now considered one of the most beautiful in Middle Asia. The palace was built by the order of Abdul-Akhad-khan emir in 1895 and three years later the construction was already over. The palace was built for the visit of the Russian emperor but it never happened. Then it served as a residence for khans visiting Bukhara. Today it is the Palace of the culture of railway workers.

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