Kulob city lies along with the valley of Yakhsu river located in Khatlon province, close to Khazratishokh ridge. The distance from the south-east part of the city to Dushanbe capital city makes 175 kilometres. It is the fourth city with a population of 100,500 people as of 2019.

In the past, Kulob fortified with three fortress gates: from the north Charsu, from the west Imam, from the south Darb ai-Haivan and from the eastern mountains. Since 1934, it has received a status of the city. There are some famous buildings that tourists are impressed after visiting them, such as Mir Said Ali Khamadoni Mausoleum, History Museum and "2700th anniversary of Kulob" Memorial Complex. The city has railway transport that weekly trains Kulob-Moscow, as well as Kulob International Airport.

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