Kungrad is located in the very north-west of Uzbekistan, in the Republic of Karakalpakstan. It borders with the Ustyurt plateau in the west and river Amu-Darya in the eastern part.

This is a big city. Its territory makes up almost half of Karakalpakstan and 12% of the area of Uzbekistan.

The name of the city itself has an ancient history. This is one of the main names given to Turkic tribes, who were the ancestors of the modern Central Asian people. Kungrad was part of the ancient Khorezm and became capital for many regions of the Aral Sea. The geographical location of the city is kind of a corridor, through which a lot of caravans and conquerers passed, including Ibn Battuta.

There is a nice bazaar, where you can find a big selection of fruits, vegetables and pretty much everything. Kungrad is not remarkable in architectural or cultural terms. It is a dusty, quiet town with one or two-storey buildings and surrounded by fields. 8km far from the city begins the amazing Ustyurt plateau, which has unique flora and fauna, which however was affected by the environmental disaster of the Aral Sea.

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