Kyzylkum desert

The Kyzylkum desert is spread around the edges of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. It’s the 15th largest desert in the world. The name from Turkic means “Red Sands”. The Kyzylkum desert is situated between the Amudarya and Sirdarya rivers. It is also bordered by Tien Shan and Pamir-Alay mountain ranges from the east and by the Aral Sea and Aralkum desert (formed on the bottom of the former Aral sea) from the northwest.

The temperature in Kyzylkum is strong continental. There are hot summers, when the average temperature is from +26°C to +29°C, with a maximum of +51°C and cold winters with an average temperature of  0°C - 9°C. The desert, surprisingly, has diverse fauna and flora including Bactrian deer, wild boar, common pheasant, golden eagle, etc.

There are 2 parts of desert life that have been preserved for many centuries are the yurts-the round tents and the camels, known as ships of the desert. In Kyzylkum there is an opportunity to experience both of them and many more. There are jeep tours, car tours, rallies, different types of ecological tours. But all of them are available on the Uzbek side, as the Kasakh side doesn’t offer any attractions or facilities.


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