Lake Merzbacher

Merzbacher has some unique features which make it worth visiting. It is a lake full of icebergs, in different places, different shapes and sizes. Floating huge icebergs, resembling houses or icebergs containing sand and stone. Icebergs cover the entire surface of the lake, but depending on the direction of the wind, they might be gathered in one of the shores.

The lake is formed at the confluence of two huge Asian glaciers- the Northern and Southern Inylchek near the border with China. Because of the location, there is a need for a special border zone permit.

Another interesting fact about the lake is that despite the huge amount of icebergs in the lake, it disappears once or twice a year. It usually happens in summer when the water flows back to the river Enilchek. This is an unusual phenomenon and typical only to a few lakes in the world. That’s why a lake is a popular place where people come to breathe the fresh mountain air and enjoy the beautiful sceneries.

The lake was discovered in 1903 by the German geographer and mountaineer Gottfried Merzbacher. This is where the name of the lake comes from. He was leading an expedition to the Tian Shan, which led to the discovery of a mysterious lake.

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