Lake Son Kul

Son Kul is the second largest lake in Kyrgyzstan. It is not as easy to reach as the Issyk-Kul lake which makes the road to Son Kol more adventurous. It is at an altitude of 3016 meters. The lake is frozen from November to May and the weather is usually unpredictable. So the best time to visit in the summer months. You can reach the lake by taking horseback riding trips. The advantage is that they are available all year round. You can also ride on the road, just in this case you’ll need special transportation. In summertime hiking and cycling are the other options.  There are various roads from Naryn and Kochkor.

The lake becomes alive especially during the summer months when the villagers set their yurts or summer pastures here. There are around 15 yurt camps spread around the lake not only by locals but also by travel organizers. Visitors are always welcome, so locals are ready to take you near the lake with their horses.

The lake is a very quiet place. While roaming around the shores you will find scenic spots and enjoy the view and silence. Other to do things near the lake are watching the sunset and admiring the stars at night.

Son Kul is a very popular destination in Kyrgyzstan as it provides a full picture of how the nomadic life looks like. You stay in the yurt with herdsmen and their family, ride the horse to reach the lake, eat the local food in the yurt, live under the snow-capped mountains. Son Kol is included almost in every itinerary in Kyrgyzstan.

On the way to Son Kul, the most popular stop is Burana Tower, which is a UNESCO Heritage site and Chong-Tuz, a salt cave located in the mountain.

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