Ledopadnaya Cave

The great central Asian limestone ranges are among the most exciting places in the world for high-altitude environment explorations. Ledopadnaya/Festivalnaya Cave is one of the places where geological explorations are focused on along with “Dark Star” Cave and Ulugh Begh Cave.

Festivalnaya is in the Baisun region near Kayrak village. The system was discovered by speleologists from Sverdlovsk. The investigation started in 1993 and the cave was also named Ledopadnaya of the big glacier which “falls” with a 40 m depth shaft. After 3 years of investigation, the explorers were able to map a 12 km underground labyrinth.

The entrance to the cave is 3445 m above sea level and it has a depth of 800 m. There were more than 20 caves detected in this region that are close to each other, so further careful investigations are going to be in this vast labyrinth for new discoveries.

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