Manuilova House-museum

House-museum of the famous sculptor was opened in 2000 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. It was reopened after reconstruction in 2013 presenting new unknown works, photos, and diaries of the sculptor.

Olga Maksimilianovna Manuilova was invited to Kyrgyzstan to immortalize the image of the great Kyrgyz akyn Toktogul Satylganov. With that sculpture and other works, she has become an iconic figure in Kyrgyzstan. The house-workshop exhibits all the works of Manuilova including the portrait of the bust of Hero of Socialist Labor Said Karimov and Hero of the Soviet Union Tashmamat Dzhumabaev, folk composer Murataala Kurenkeev, and others. During her life, the sculptor got the title of “People’s Artist of the Kyrgyz SSR”.

The two exhibition halls of the museum exhibit about 50 works of the sculptor. Part of the exposition was donated to the museum from personal collections. Today the house-museum of Manuilova holds exhibitions of sculptors and contemporary artists of Kyrgyzstan.

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