Margilan city, an ancient centre of silk fabric production in Middle Asia, is situated in the south-east of Fergana Province and nine kilometres far from the north-west of Fergana city. The railway station is located on the line of Andijan-Kokand. Its population was 215,4 thousand residents in 2014 which consisted of more than 30 nations.

There are many architectural monuments, such as Pir Siddik Complex, Khoja Magiz Mausoleum, Chakar Mosque, Said Akhmad-Khoja Madrasah, Khonakokh Mosque, Toron Bazar Mosque and Burkhaniddin Al-Margilaniy Memorial Complex. Also, there is a large clothing wholesale market and a grocery market in the city where residents are mainly engaged in sales, crafts and many works in governmental institutions.

During the Soviet period, silk, art-garment, mechanical repair, tractor repair, woodworking, iron foundry and dairy factories were built in the city. Additionally, Margilan is one of the oldest cultural centres in Middle Asia where many artists were born contributing to Uzbek culture and world culture of humanity. In 2007, the 2000th anniversary of the city was solemnly celebrated.

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