Mausoleum of Sheikh Zaynudin Bobo

The mausoleum of Sheikh Zaynudin Bobo is one of the unique historical architectural monuments in Tashkent, Kukcha district. This is the only mausoleum in Tashkent with an underground cell built in the Middle ages.

Sheikh Zaynudin Bobo was the son of one of the founders of Suhrawardiya Sufi order that are still popular in Muslim countries. Zaynudin was sent to Tashkent to spread the ideas of his father. He spent most of his life in Kukcha and lived in a chilla-hona (small cell). For his wisdom, he got the name “bobo” which means grandfather.

The mausoleum was built by the initiative of Amir Temur. Before each battle, the commander used to visit the graves of saints. He visited the grave of Zaynudin Bobo before the campaign to China and after that ordered to build a mausoleum of Sheikh Zaynudin Bobo over his tomb. Chilla-hona dates back to the XII century, the mausoleum was built in the XIV century.

In the XX century, the mausoleum and particularly the cell were investigated. According to measurements, it was proven that the chilla-hona served as an observatory. It was possible to observe stars and the sun. The cell has two rooms; the niches in the walls of the top room represent rhombuses of the compass. The second room is small and you can get there by a ladder.

At this moment, there are still descendants of Sheikh Zaynudin Bobo in Kukcha.

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