Monument “Oghuz Khan and Sons”

"Oghuz Khan and Sons" (Turkmen. "Oguzhan we onuň ogullary" fontan kompleksy) is a fountain complex one of Ashgabat ’s main symbols. It welcomes you when you enter the city, as it is situated on the highway leading to the International Airport.  

In May 2007 a proposal was made to rebuild the old fountain and make it a modern lighted fountain complex. The project of a new fountain was approved in November and the construction started. The opening was on June 29, 2008, where the President of Turkmenistan was also present. In 2010 the fountain complex was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as a combination of the highest number of fountains in a public location.

The architectural and sculptural ensemble tells a story about the legendary ancestor of Turkic people- Oguzkhan. He is sitting in the center of the fountain with his hand raised on a horse. Oguz khan had 6 sons and they surround his statue in the complex. According to the legend when he became khan and went to the steppes he saw a circle of light coming from the sky. Within the light there was a gorgeous girl standing. He fell in love and married her. They had 3 sons and named them Gyun (sun), Ai (Moon) and Yildiz (Star). But one day when Oguz went hunting he saw another beautiful girl inside the tree. The unbelievable beauty made him marry again. And he had three more sons- Hek (sky), Dag (mountain) and Dengiz (sea).

According to the Guinness Book of Records the complex consists of 27 colored fountains, operated by solar energy on 14.82 hectares. A statue of a horseman stands at the center of the architectural and sculptural ensemble: the Turkmen nation's ancestor Oghuz khan and his six sons. Oghuz Khan is a legendary and semi-mythological character and many Turkic nations explain their origin with his legend. He is also depicted on 100 Turkmenistan manat banknote.

The creators conceived the sculptural composition in such a way that it "symbolizes the peacefulness of the Turkmen people, their invincible unity and solidarity and the artistic spirit and strength of modern Turkmenistan at the same time."

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