Monument "My White City Ashgabat"

The "My White City Ashgabat" monument was erected in the center of the Turkmen capital, opposite the country's main drama theatre. It is in the center of the modern park and architectural complex. The monument was opened during the events dedicated to Ashgabat Day in 2014 with a big ceremony.

The snow-white marble monument reaches 25 meters above sea level. At the top olive branches are seen symbolizing Turkmenistan 's neutrality. The second section of the memorial includes three columns, symbolizing a strategy to ensure global peace, safety and sustainable development. You can see three columns again in the third part but this time they represent Independence, Neutrality, and Happiness. Another figurative feature of the monument is the outline of the symbolic heart that embraces the monument as a sign of love since the name Ashgabat in Persian is translated as a "city of love." Within the carpet ornamentation, the word "Aşgabat" is engraved in gold letters on the surface of the main column. There is a picture of an open book at the bottom of the monument where the main column begins.

The monument is surrounded by fountains, green lawns, and bright flower gardens. Walking paths have been laid down, decorative lamps and benches installed to make the park more convenient for people. However, you may not see many people in the park or the surrounding area. The memorial is illuminated in the dark by lights and highlighted by colored lines of lights that extend down the column.

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