Multi Country Tours

Each country of Central Asia has its strong national identity and own historical significance. For those who want to visit more than one country during the travel, we have developed colourful Multi-Country Tour Packages including thought-out combinations of two or more countries. The highlights are our 3 Stans and 5 Stans Tours combining cultural peculiarities and natural gems in one epic journey. If you have an individual request, just contact us and we will organize a special combined Central Asia tour for you.

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Can't find the right travel package?

There is a misconception that all Central Asian 5 Stans are similar and do not particularly differ from each other – nothing could be further from the truth. Each country of the region is interesting in its unique way. If you are a lover of culture, history and architecture, Uzbekistan with its Silk Road splendid architectural masterpieces is the country for you. Kyrgyzstan with its breathtaking scenery, lush mountains, and blue glacial lakes is a Heaven for nature lovers. For those who want to escape the modern world, appear in the unspoilt with civilization areas and get adrenalin Tajikistan is a great destination and the epic scenery of the Pamir Mountain range will be the highlight of the trip. In Turkmenistan, one can admire the Marble City Ashgabat included in the Guinness Book of Records, the fascinating ancient Silk Road city of Merv as well as beautiful landscapes with stunning canyons and unusual rock formations. It is up to you which country to choose, but if you decide to have a combined journey including more than 2 Stans it will be a great decision and in our Multi-Country Tours you will definitely find a suitable option.

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