Museum of decorative applied arts

The museum of decorative applied arts of Bukhara is in Sitora-i Mohi Khosa, which is the summer palace of the last emirs of Bukhara. It is situated 4 km north of the city. The museum was established in 1927.

Up to 1947, the museum housed the ''The way of life Bukharan Emir'' exhibition. Starting from 1948 there was an exhibition featuring objects of folk art. Already in 1974, the palace had the ''Museum of Applied Art'' exhibition, which reflected the finest examples of the decorative art of people of Central Asia.

The exhibition in the main building-'' Interior of the summer palace''-houses the furniture of the 19th-20th centuries, Japanese and Chinese porcelain, palace artefacts from Russia, jewellery items from well-known Bukharan masters, gold embroidery panel and horse cloths, etc.

The octagonal pavilion at the centre of the garden served as a room for receiving royal guests. Today pavilion demonstrates an exhibition called the ''Clothes of Urban Dweller of Bukhara in late 19th and early 20th centuries''. The exhibition includes the collection of rich people's clothes, belts, scarves, shoes decorated with gold embroidery.

The pavilion of the southern part of the garden has an exhibition reflecting the embroidery art of the Bukhara region and crockery items of daily use from 19th-20th centuries. The embroidery collection includes suzani, wall decoration panel, joinamoz, praying rugs, pillow-cases, embroidery curtain for newlyweds.

Address: Mokhi Khosa district, Bukhara
Phone: (365) 228-50-47

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