Museum of Victims of Political Repression

Museum of Victims of Political Repression is one of the most important places in Tashkent dedicated to dramatic events in the history of Uzbekistan. This is the museum to the memory of people murdered or imprisoned during the repressions. The memorial complex was opened in 2002 in a small park on Amir Temur square. August 31, the opening day of the memorial is now celebrated as the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repressions. In the place of the tower, there were found graves and this is why the complex is so symbolic and sacred. This is a unique museum in its kind.

Here are presented historical facts, photos and documents of the period when the Russian Empire started a war in Central Asia. After the October Revolution there started mass murders and imprisonment of the representatives of the country’s intelligence and everyone who was suspected of dissidence. This period is considered the bloodiest in the history of the Soviet Union. In Uzbekistan, thousands of people were killed and sent to camps and prisons.

Address: Amir Temur Square
Phone: (+998 71) 244-73-31

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