Naryn city is an administrative centre in the largest province Naryn of Kyrgyzstan located in the free economic zone. That is why it is a real paradise for ecotourism lovers. The area of the city is 40.5 km², and in accordance with the data of 2017, the population was 38,800 people. The city is located at the intersection of Bishkek-Torugart Highway and on the bank of Naryn River at an altitude of 2000 metres above the sea level.

The distance between Torugart checkpoint in the south of Naryn and Chinese border takes 186 kilometres. Balykchi railway station is situated 180 km to the north of the city on the shore of Issyk-Kul Lake. In the city the climate is continental with cold, almost snowless winters and relatively cool summers.

Naryn city is an adjacent area with 70% mountains of the local territories. The main tourist attraction of the city is the river Naryn with its fabulous beauty of coastal landscapes. This is the place for extreme lovers who look for constant bursts of adrenaline, such as rafting in all categories of difficulty. Additionally, famous cultural-educational centres are State University, Local History Museum, Musical Drama Theater and National Theater "Manas Ruhu".

However, Naryn is a starting point for many tourist routes running through Tien Shan Mountains. Here tourists enjoy hunting mountainous capricorns and Marco Polo argali, as well as horse-riding or simply walking.

Since 2015 buses and minibuses go to Balikchi, Bishkek and Karakol from the bus station of the city. According to the number of people, buses go 1 or 2 times to Balikchi in a day, and the cost per person takes 300 soms. However, during the whole day at the request of passengers, either minibuses or taxis go to Bishkek, costing 340 soms, as well as 500 soms for minivans and 600 soms for cars respectively. On Mondays, only minibuses go to Karakol. Also, upon request, minibuses go to At-Bashi village that payments may reach up to 2-3 hours. Nonetheless, people can reach to the village on a taxi via paying for a one-way trip 100 soms and for roundtrip - 200 soms per person.


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