National Museum of Wildlife

The National Museum of Wildlife of Turkmenistan was founded in 2010 in a small town of Gokdepe. In a short period, it has become one of the most popular attractions in the country. The territory is equipped with modern tools and technologies according to international standards and meets the requirements of international organizations of animal protection.

The zoo with more than 250 species of animals is located on the territory of the museum. There are representatives of the underwater world, reptiles and mammals, domestic animals and wild predators, part of them is listed in the Red Book. The animals are kept in spacious enclosures that are heated during winter months.

The National Museum of wildlife has four thematic sectors. “Bird bazaar” is the sector of feathered population and ungulates. The south sector with predators is called “African savannah”. The building of “Animal World” is home for ocean inhabitants and representatives of Caspian Sea fauna. Huge aquariums are illuminated with different colors to make the aquarium inhabitants look even more attractive. The territory of the museum is decorated with artificial ponds and fountains.

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