Nurata National Reserve

Nurata National reserve occupies the central part of the Nuratau Range. It has an area of 17,752 ha. To protect the rare examples of flora and fauna a reserve was opened in 1975. The highest point of the reserve is Khayat Bashi peak of the Nuratau Range (the height is 2169 m). The territory consists of the river Zeravshan stretching for 250 meters and two parallel mountain ranges. The northern slopes of Nuratau range border with Kyzylkum Desert.

The climate of the territory is continental with dry weather dominating. The Kyzylkym Desert greatly influences the local climate. Winters are moderately cold. The spring is rainy while summer is long and dry with an average temperature of +30.

The species of the reserve are the inhabitants of the desert and the mountains this is why the fauna of the Nurata Reserve is so versatile. Moreover, the reserve is on the route of the migratory birds. During the autumn and spring migration, there could be found more than 196 species of birds.

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