Nurota is a city of Navoiy Province and a centre of Nurota District in Uzbekistan. Provincial centre and the nearest train station Navoiy is located 55 kilometres far from the north. According to the legend, the foundation of Nurota is associated with Nur fortress built by Alexander the Great.

The historical fact tells that Nurota was taken by the vanguard of the Mongolian army, and in the previously unknown road, several Turkmens from the village of Zernuk held Mongols, after that it was named "Khan".

Since 1976 Nurota has been taken the status of the city, before this it was an urban-type settlement, and even earlier it had been a village. Besides, since the XVI century, Nurota was an administrative centre of Nurota becks and a part of Bukhara Khanate.

The most famous sights of the city are Juma Mosque and the sacred spring. The healing spring of Chashma is situated in the main religious centre Nurota which is actively visited by tourists.

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