Open-air Sculpture Museum

Open-air sculpture museum is one of the most popular and unique places in Bishkek. The expositions are located in Oak Park, the oldest ones in the capital. In 2010, the park was renamed in Chingiz Aitmatov Park but the locals still call it by its first name.

The old oaks planted in 1890 are perfect escape during hot summer days; this is why the park is never empty. On the territory of the park, there can be found interesting sculptures by famous Kyrgyz artists and presented to the city at different times. The sculptures appeared here during the symposium named “Work and Peace”. The symposium was held more than 30 years ago but the sculptures still stand in the park. Moreover, by time, there appeared new pieces. By now, there are more than 90 sculptures in the collection of the open-air museum.

Besides interesting sculptures, there is the Red Guards Memorial to the heroes of 1918, St Nicholas Church and the Russian Drama Theater.

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