Palace of Prince Romanov

Prince Romanov Palace is situated in the centre of the capital city of Uzbekistan, in Tashkent. The palace is dedicated to Russian prince Nikolay Konstantinovich Romanov, king Nikolay First’s grandson and king Nikolay Second’s cousin.

Prince Nikolay is known as an engineer and irrigator in Tashkent through building two huge canals up, which are Bukhar-aryk and Khiva-Aryk.

Prince Nikolay made lots of improvements in Tashkent via building a theatre, soap factory, studios, as well as developing the production of rice, cotton and kvas. In 1890 he constructed the palace himself to show the collections of his vast majority of art. Afterwards, all collections of arts have formed an important role in the Arts Museum of Uzbekistan. In 1917, Prince Nikolay died and was buried in Saint George’s Cathedral.

Romanov Palace is an incredible and fascinating construction. The main entrance to the modernized palace is decorated with dogs and deers. The interior of the palace is decorated in an extraordinary style. The building consists of the major hall leading to three apartments of the prince and his wife, as well as a dining room, library, billiard, greenhouse and Japanese garden. 

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