Paltau Waterfall

The nature of Uzbekistan is very diverse and beautiful. The deserts of Middle Asia are blended with clear waters of rivers and lakes. The most picturesque waterfalls of Middle Asia are hidden in Uzbekistan. One of such wonderful places is Paltau waterfall in the Paltau valley.

The name originally sounded as Pulat Tau in Turkish and meant “Iron Mountain” since there were iron ores on the territory. The waterfall is hidden in a canyon; it cascades from a 30-meter high rocky cliff creating one of the most breathtaking views.

The high pressure of water flow throws down large and small stones this is why the sound of the water and stones are heard at a distance. Moreover, it is quite dangerous to get too close to the water and swim.

There is an interesting place not far from the waterfall. Obi-Rakhmat Grotto is a karst cave that has become of the most important discoveries in archaeology. There were found the bones of prehistoric man dating back to 50 thousand years.

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