Polatkhan Cave


One of the most mysterious, anomalous and interesting places in Uzbekistan is the Polatkhan plateau and the caves. The plateau is located in Tashkent province, south-west part of Tien-Shan. It occupies about eight ha territory stretching from southeast to south-west for 5 km.

The plateau has several small and large caves but the most important and the largest one is the Polatkhan cave named after Alexander Zaidman who died in the caves. The cave was discovered in 1988 by the expedition led by Safonov. During the excavations a very narrow path was discovered that led to a wide chamber. It took more than 3 hours to pass the narrow passage. A few years later, the expedition could explore the cave on the depth of 506 m., and at that time it was included in the top deepest caves of the USSR.

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