Bokhtar is the 3rd largest city in the country, not a very impressive touristic destination. On the other hand, it is a nice spot for discovering the region, especially Levakant (Sarband) and Shahritus.

Bokhtar was known as Qurhgonteppa or Kurganteppa until 2018, that’s why many sources might refer to it as Qurghonteppa. You might also see the Russian version of the name- Kurgan-Tyube. It is the capital of the southwestern region of Tajikistan-Khatlon. The city is considered to be the heart of cotton (white gold) in Tajikistan.  

As there is not much to see 2-3 hours walking tour is enough to get an idea of how the city looks like. If you plan to stay in the city, it’s probably not a good idea, as there no hotels for tourists. And if there are some, they serve locals.  

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