Rabati Malik

Rabati Malik is a ruined caravanserai situated on the road from Samarkand to Bukhara, a few km from Navoi city. The caravanserai was located on the route of the Great Silk Road. The site is added to UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List from 2008.

The caravanserai was built by the order of Karakhanid Shams-al-Mulik Nasr, who ruled Samarkand from 1068 to 1080. The only part that survived until now is the foundation of the complex and the main entrance portal. This porta is one of the most ancient places in the territory of the Central Asia portals.

The monument, however, had been abandoned for a long period of time and only in the 19th century it was first outspoken by scientist A. Leman. During the studies of the site, it was discovered that Rabat-i-Mailk was not a caravanserai but a summer residence. From the archaeological dig two yards, a gallery, a small mosque and a bathhouse had been revealed. The walls around the are proved that Rabat-i-Malik was also a securely fortified fortress.

Nowadays Rabati-Malik doesn’t have service but it’s open for tourists. Rabati-Malik better known as one of the astonishing caravanserais of Central Asia attracts a lot of visitors.

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