Sacred Heart Cathedral

There is a religious Roman Catholic Church located in Sadiq Asimov street of Tashkent, in the capital of Uzbekistan, which is known as Sacred Heart Cathedral. The building is made of granite and marble, spotted windows, arched entrance and small towers. The cathedral was built in Gothic style in the 20th century.

Between the years of 1991 and 2005, the Roman Catholic Church was led by Pope Krzysztof Kukulka. After its reconstruction in 2000, the church was named Sacred Heart of Jesus, which is also known as a cultural music centre. The construction was completed only in 2000. It was once considered to be one of the most distinguished buildings of modern Tashkent from East architecture.

The church has a library and a living-room which are named after Pope John Paul II. One of the halls has a 26 voiced organ, which was a gift from Bonn Parish of St. Paul. The interior of the halls is decorated with pictures presenting scenes from the Bible.

The first floor has a big hall where Sunday masses are being held. The masses in the cathedral are held in the following four languages: English, Russian, Polish and Korean.

Address: 80/1, Tarakkiyot Str., Tashkent
Tel.: (+998 97) 459 39 73

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