The Legend of Samarkand Bread

Samarkand bread has a unique unforgettable taste. It is said that in Uzbekistan there is no other tastier bread. Not surprisingly this fact spread a lot of legends about the tastiest bread.

It was known that the emir from Bukhara liked Samarkand bread a lot. Once the emir asked his advisers why the bread is brought to Bukhara from Samarkand if they could also bake it in Bukhara. The advisers told him that it is tasty only when made in Samarkand. The emir didn't believe that and ordered to bring the best bakers from Samarkand to Bukhara to bake the bread there.

They came and made the bread, but it had a different taste. Advisers assumed that they also need to bring the ingredients and equipment from Samarkand. So the tandyr (the oven where the bread is being made), flour and water were brought from Samarkand. Bakers tried again, but the result again was not satisfying. The bread was not as soft and tasty as the one made in Samarkand. Emir was puzzled. The baker had the answer. ''Whatever you do you can't bring the Samarkand air''. So he left and people continued to bring bread from Samarkand as before.

The tradition of Samarkand bread exists until now. If you're in Samarkand you need to take bread with you or even give it as a present.

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