The Legend of Sary-Chelek

There is an old and scary legend about the lake Sary-Chelek, which is situated at the bottom of Chatkalsk mountain range, 500km far from Bishkek. It is one of the most picturesque and fresh-water lakes in Kirgizstan.

In the place of the Sary-Chelek lake, there was a vast fruitful valley thousands of years ago. But once some people in golden clothes came to this place and created the city of Sai-Kho. They were servants of the marine God Kho. They worshipped their God, who had a body of fish and head of a human. He lived in the marble basin of the temple “Big Water”.

Once in 100 years, the high golden priest died, so the God Kho had a saint tradition to elect a new leader. The most beautiful of the valley was chosen and put near the lake. She had to lean over and God would swim out of the river and kiss her. After a precise period, the girl would give birth to a child, who would be with golden skin and would become the high priest-the new leader.

For many years people lived without any disasters in the valley. However, once an army of conquerors burst into the city and began to kill the people. The only priest who survived managed to get to the temple and ask for help from their God. The God-fish came out of the water and made a loud angry sound around the valley. The rocks trembled and fell and water sank all the valley. Enemies were killed and at the place, Sary-Chelek was formed.

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