Sary-Chelek Reserve

The State Biosphere Nature Reserve of Sary-Chelek has located 500 km from the capital, in the Arkit Gorge of Chatkal Mountains. The reserve was opened in 1959 to keep the flora and fauna of the territory under protection. The diversity of the landscapes makes it even more attractive for the lovers of trekking and climbing. The beautiful lowland steppes, alpine meadows and valleys, rivers, snow-covered peaks and smashing ridges attract thousands of tourists.

The inhabitants of the Sary-Chelek Reserve are more than 160 species of birds, deer, lynx, foxes, and wolves, snow leopards, and bear. The hunting in the reserve is prohibited.

There are several rivers flowing through the reserve. The Hodzha-Ata River is the longest one that flows through the whole territory of Sary-Chelek creating several beautiful waterfalls. The fast rivers cut the valley into several deep ridges that further open in one huge Fergana Valley.

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