Shahrisabz city located in the north-east part of Qashqadaryo Province is the only city and administrative centre of Shahrisabz district. Since the 14th century, the city has been named Shahrisabz literally translated from Persian as Green City. Before this, it was called Kesh having a Sogdian origin.

From the north-east Shahrisabz city is close to the satellite town Kitab which is an administrative centre in Kitab region. The distance from Shahrisabz to Karshi centre, situated in Western Shahrisabz, is 90 km, but to Samarkand city located in the north is 65 km.

In addition, the distance between the border of Tajikistan and Shahrisabz is more than 80 km, from the city to the border of Tashkent in the north-east is more than 360 km, and to the border of Bukhara in the north-west is more than 240 km. Shahrisabz Valley from the north, south and east is surrounded by the Zarafshan ridge which is a part of Gissaro-Alay mountains. The valley from the west also called an oasis, joins the Qashqadaryo oasis, where the main cities of Qashqadaryo Province are located in.

Shahrisabz city is famous for its archaeological monuments, such as Padayataktepa Citadel, Sangirtepa Hill and Uzunkir. Padayataktepa is a citadel of the city with the area of 270 m length and 74 m width, located in the northern part of the city, on the high steep bank of Shurabsay. Sangirtepa is a detached hill, located from Uzunkir to the south-west at a distance of 650 m, outside the city walls. Uzunkir is the remains of the fortress wall of the city with a length of 650 m and the width of 20 m.  

Moreover, there are numerous famous historical monuments in Shahrisabz city which contains Aksaray Ruins of Timur Palace, Dorut Tilavat Memorial Complex including mausoleums Sheikh Shamsad-Din Kulal al-Keshi and Gumbazi-Seyidan and Kok-Gumbaz Mosque, the remains of Timurids Dorus Siadat’s tomb and the bust of Soviet Union Hero Shaimova Shadi.

In 2000 historical centre and archaeological, architectural, religious and cultural monuments of the city were included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site under the name “Historic Centre of Shahrisabz city”.

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