Shayhantaur Ensemble

Shayhantaur Ensemble is one of the ancient complexes in Tashkent that has survived the centuries. St. Sheikh Khovandi Takhur memorial complex includes the mosque, the tomb of Kaldirgoch-biy (XV century), the tomb of the Sheikh Taur (XIX century) and the mausoleum of Yunus-khan of Mogolistan.

The most important building of the complex is the mausoleum of Sheikhantaur that is built on the place of the great Sufi’s grave. The mausoleum is very simple; it resembles the modest life of Sheikh Khavendi at-Tahur. It is built of bricks; the building has two premises with the graves of Sheikh, his spouse, and son.

The tomb of Kaldirgoch-biy or Toli-biy is located not far from the mausoleum. The building has a cone-shaped dome that is not characteristic for the architecture of those times. Toli-biy ruled in Tashkent and was Sheikh at-Tahur’s follower.

The mausoleum of Yunus-khan of Mologistan is the last building of the complex. It was built in the memory of Yunus-khan, one of the descendants of Chingiz-khan. The building of the XV century is bigger than the other building of the ensemble. The façade of the mausoleum is decorated with Arabic ornate lettering.

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