Sudoche Lake

Sudoche or Sudovshin is the largest reservoir of the river Amu Darya. Once the two branches of the river fed Sudoche, which in its turn was connected to the Aral Sea through a channel. Today, 150km of the water is gone and the lake has become shallow. There are several small lakes in place of the once great Sudoche Lake.

The lake is located in Karakalpakstan. To the south, there is Amu Darya River, the Kyzyl-Kum desert is to the east, the Aral Sea is on the north and Usturg plateau is on the west. The nearby towns are Nukus, Chimbay and Kungrad.

According to the latest data, the area of the lake is about 333 square kilometres. It is located at an altitude of 53m above sea level. The mineralization of the lake water is 4%. During summer months, the water temperature may rich up to 27C. Starting from mid-November and to early March the lake freezes.

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