Tashkent is the capital of city of Uzbekistan, an important business centre, the main transportation hub of the country and also the largest city in Central Asia. The city is in the northeastern part of the country, near the Kazakhstan border. Tashkent is the most cosmopolitan city of Uzbekistan with around 2.1 million population.

The word “Tashkent” has Turkic roots and means “stone city”, which was given to the city back in the 11th century. Before that, it was also known as Binkent. Shashkent, Chachkent or Chach.

Taskent is more than 2200 years old and was an ancient city on the Greta Silk Road from China to Europe. However, nowadays the city has little remnants from its Central Asian past and has a lot of Soviet influence. It is a mixture of modern new buildings, hotels, parks, squares, fountains and old crumbling Soviet-style buildings.

The city was named “the cultural capital of the Islamic world” by Moscow news, because of the historical mosques and Islamic sites in the city, including the Islamic University.

Tashkent has exceptionally valuable architectural heritage, although little has survived after the 1966 earthquake and the soviet redevelopment. Old Tashkent sights include Kukeldash Madrasah, dating back to the reign of Abdullah Khan II (1557-1598), Khast Imam Mosque, which has the oldest extant Quran in the world, Yunus Khan Mausoleum- a group of 15th century mausoleums restored in 19th century, Palace of Prince Romanov, the German Church, The Polish church, Amir Timur Square, etc.

Tashkent is also the country’s cultural centre full of museums, exhibition halls, theatres. The most prominent museums include the State Museum of History, the Museum of Applied Art, The Amir Timur Museum. There are interesting exhibits also in the Tashkent Museum of Railway Equipment and in the Polytechnical Museum.

The locals are very proud also of Alisher Navoi Opera and Ballet Theatre, which always hosts outstanding performers. The Ilkhom Theatre is also prominent, as it is known for experimental performances and unusual performances of famous classical works. The city also keeps the tradition of puppet shows holding performances in the Republican Puppet Theatre and the Silk Road Marionettes Theatre.

The city infrastructure is quite well-developed, so you can find your favourite type of transportation to move in the city and restraints will offer a great variety of cuisines.  Combining ancient east traditions and modern way of life the Tashkent welcomes tourists from all around the world.

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