Tashkent Polytechnical Museum

Tashkent Polytechnical museum was opened in 2015 in the centre of the capital, close to the main square of Amir Temur. The museum is divided into two exposition halls; natural science and automobile construction.

Automobile construction hall is located on the first floor and represents the process of automobile construction in Uzbekistan. The oldest wheel carts, carriages, and retro-cars show history and technology development. A dozen of retro cars are the unique models of Mercedes, Ford, and Volkswagen. A series of Soviet cars complete the exhibition.

The first floor also presents the automobile industry in Uzbekistan that began in 1994 by cooperation with the Korean Daewoo company. There is an interesting exhibit presenting a dismantled car to show the complexity of an automobile.

The most exciting part of the museum is the hall for studying physics. The second floor looks like an entertainment park where you can learn physics through games. The mirror labyrinth is an excellent illustrative example of an optical illusion.

Address: Amir Temur st 13
Phone: (+998 71) 232-34-30

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