The Legend of Anoush

There is a legend connected with one of the most interesting and unique historical sights of Khiva- Anoush-Khan bathhouse. It is connected with Abdulgazi Khan (1643-1663)- one of the most respected rulers of Khiva. 

Abulgazi-Khan had one problem- he only had sons. At first, he was happy because in the Islamic world it's very honourable. But after his 9th son, he confessed that he would like to have at least one daughter. He expressed his desire publicly, so everyone knew about it. When the tenth baby was born, khan was told it was the long-awaited girl. He ordered to name the girl after his favourite concubine-Anoush. And soon the daughter became father's favourite.

Abdulgazi was also an active military person, so one day during a campaign he was captured by the Emir of Bukhara. Khan's elder sons didn't hurry to help their father and only Anoush went to Bukhara to save him. Bukharian Emir was surprised to see that his captive's daughter came to save him when he had 9 sons. He asked her. '' And how do you think you can liberate him?''. Anoush answered. '' Promise that you will set my father free if I surprise you''. Emir agreed as he had seen many things in his life. At that moment Anoush took off her clothes and showed his body. Turned out he was a young man, not a girl. Everyone was surprised, especially Abulgazi-Khan and the Emir. He kept his word and released the Khan.

When he returned home he said. ''I don't have 9 sons, I have only one and his name is Anoush Khan. In gratitude for his deed, Abdulgazi Khan ordered to construct a mosque and a bathhouse in Khiva and named them after Anoush.

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