The Legend of Khan-atlas

Khan-atlas is the national Uzbek fabric made from dense silk with natural dyes. The charm of silk is pleasing for everyone. Atlas fabric has a beautiful smooth and shiny surface. The word ''atlas'' itself is translated as ''smooth'' from Arabic. According to one of the Uzbek legends, the iridescent coloured fabric is even able to outshine the beauty of a girl.

The famous royal legend says that many centuries ago one of the Margilan rulers fell in love with the beautiful daughter of a poor artist. The ageing ruler wanted to make her his fifth wife. The father of the girl was not happy with khan's decision. So he came to the palace to persuade him to change his mind and leave her daughter alone. Khan agreed only with one condition: if the artist could create something more beautiful than his daughter till morning. In this case, khan would cancel his decision.

The poor man thought that it is impossible. He felt saddened and went to the banks of a river sitting and thinking. He started sobbing and when the tears fell into the water on the surface incredible beautiful drawings appeared. The sun rays created all the colours of the rainbow which looked majestic. At that very moment the artist came up with a great idea- he decided to create a fabric as light as air, as cool as the water of the stream and as sparkling as the colours of the rainbow.

The artist did the work and came to the palace in the morning. Khan was astonished by the beauty and the elegance of the fabric, so he changed his mind. The daughter of the artist married the son of the khan. The incredible fabric started to be called ''Khan-atlas''- the silk of khans.

Since then it is the most valuable and noble fabric in Uzbekistan. Rainbow silk fabric is an important part of Uzbek culture. It was also famous during the times of Great Silk Road and was exported to many countries.

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