The ruins of Kuksaray

One of the most important places of Samarkand was Kuksaray, the palace of Amir Temur, the part of Kal’a citadel. It was built by the order of Amir Temur in the XIV century and impressed with its size. The facade of the four-story building was decorated with glazed tiles. The name “Kuksaray” notes the abundance of blue glazed tiles and bricks.

The greatest part of the palace was destroyed in the XVIII century. Bukhara emirate lost independence in the 1880s and Samarkand was captured by Russian Empire. This was the end for Kal’a citadel and Kuksaray palace. The authorities of the Russian Empire completely destroyed the palace and only the main throne Kuktash, that is now kept in the courtyard of the mausoleum of Gur Amir, survived.

After the destruction, the palace was buried under the sand. Later in the XX century, it was discovered by archaeologists. Today, all you can see is the foundation of the palace and the part of the brick walls.

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