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Before choosing a tour to Central Asia you can get acquainted with our travelers' feedback. 

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I loved this trip so much! The program was very diverse and eventful, yet preserved pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere. Hotels and vehicles were really comfortable, though the roads might sometimes be tiring. The flights were all on time, and helped us escape the long roads. I am mostly satisfied with guides as well, we had a different guide in each country, some of them were not very fluent in English, but were so friendly, polite and supportive. I will recommend your company to my colleagues and friends!!

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Lucas and Henry

Dear Tatev,

I want you to know that we have enjoyed our trip greatly. Thank you for the excellent communication & organization pre and during our trip. We had travelled with Arara 2 years ago to Armenia and Georgia. This year Tatev offered us this beautiful trip to the 5 Stan countries. I should say this was the best choice for us. We have always appreciated ancient Asian culture, UNESCO sites and the marvelous nature of such regions. Thank you once again for organizing this for us. Our warmest greetings to our guide in Uzbekistan Adam!!

Lucas and Henry from Australia

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il Bianchi

Hi Eduard, we are back to Brazil safe and sound. My family is grateful for what you have organized for us. Despite the fact 9 people in the group, you could manage to please everyone’s desires. It was always my dream to travel with my whole family and with the help of Arara my dream came true. We have never travelled this much longer and the itinerary was arranged perfectly in order to not spent much time on the roads. Concerning guides in all countries, all of them were well prepared and special thanks to Arthur who was assisting us in Armenia.
Just a small concern, we did not like that much the passport control process in Azerbaijan which I totally agree does not have anything to do with Arara but I have written a letter to the embassy concerning the current situation on that and hope it will help in the near future.
We really enjoy the picturesque scenery of Mtskheta, the panoramic view from Garni Pagan Temple, the town of love Sighnaghi in Georgia. I can’t forget how beautiful the big Almaty lake was, monasteries, mosques which we have visited were just perfectly selected for us. Drivers were professional too, hotels in all countries were nice and clean except the one in Turkmenistan. Guides (Shukhrat, Anastasia, Bobozhon and Jennet) in Central Asia were amazing and knowledgeable, they told us interesting legends about their countries. 
Thanks one more time for your assistance and please thank whole Arara stuff for being so motivated and well prepared. I will definitely recommend your services to my friend and colleagues.
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Amelia Brightman

Central Asia gets a bad rap for being unsafe and difficult to travel to but I can say having returned from my trip that this reputation is undeserved. As a woman travelling alone, many friends worried that I would have problems and warned against going on this trip but I am thankful that I was not deterred. In Central Asia, I found kind and helpful people as my guides Lola and Anastasia, an astounding variety of remarkable landscapes and a deep history (not to mention delicious food!). I want to say thank you to Arara for organizing my tour, calming my fears and showing me the beauty of Central Asia. I would like to thank Tatev especially for her work in organizing everything, she was kind, professional and very fast with responding to my emails.

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Silvia, Adam, Albert and Natalie

My friends and I travel together every other year, and this year we decided on Central Asia. We picked Central Asia in 19 days tour because we wanted to spend a good amount of time in the region and wanted to see at least some all 5 Central Asian countries. We travelled with Arara two years ago in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan and had an excellent experience with them then, so when we found out they had started offering tours to Central Asia, we naturally chose to travel with them again. Like in the Caucasus, the tour was a fantastic mix of nature, history and experiences with the local people, and for the history lovers in our group especially the trip was more than perfect. My personal highlight was the day we spend at the ancient city of Merv. Our guide was full of knowledge and went above and beyond in showing us the sights amongst the ruins of the city. Also, the guides from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan were very hospitable and helped us to explore the extraordinary secrets of history and nature of both countries. For any fellow world travellers and history lovers, I can recommend Arara and especially their 19-day tour in Central Asia (along with their tour across Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia)!

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Chris Hemsworth

Lusine organized our 19-day tour in Central Asia and it was excellent. She and the other staff working with Arara were helpful, fast to respond to concerns and all around very professional. The tour itself does well to show you the wonders of all 5 Central Asian countries. My husband had long tried to talk me into going to Central Asia but finally, I caved on the condition that we go with a good tour agency. We found Arara on Tripadvisor and were impressed by their reviews in the Caucasus, so we decided to travel with them, and I have to say that I was impressed on two counts, one of the genuine beauty of the region and the kindness of its people and the other on how well thought out the tour was. I commend Arara for helping me get past my preconceptions around Central Asia and I can happily recommend both Arara and travelling to Central Asia to anyone interested.

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Andrew Filberg

The Silk Road has been a borderline obsession of mine for a long time, I’ve always loved reading books on its history and I’ve wanted to travel across it for quite some time. Hardly a year past where I didn’t consider going for it, but there was always something that got in the way, whether it was work or uncertainty about how safe it would be or even finding a tour that felt complete. I retired last year and it finally seemed like the right time to go for it, so I went back to searching for a tour that checked all my boxes, and that’s how I came across Arara and their Silk Road tour. So, after considering a few options, I chose to travel with Arara because their tour plan felt like a complete experience where I could finally emerge myself into a region that I had read about for so long. Reading is not the same as seeing of course, and I couldn’t be gladder that I finally took the plunge and went for it, and saw so much with my own eyes. Persian, Chinese, Russian influence, you name it, you can find it in this part of the world, beautiful old buildings mixed together from all corners of Eurasia while still keeping a proud national identity. Of all my expectations, I’m not sure I could have imagined that my experience would be as amazing as it was. So many beautiful sights, amazing foods and incredible cultures can be found along the old silk road, and to do so much of it in one go just added to the emersion. Though it might seem crazy at first to spend 31 days on a tour, I can assure you that for this case it is not, it is an advantage. I was able to see the old caravan routes along Lake Issy-Kul, the great cities of Samarkand and Bukhara and the ruins of Merv, once the largest city in the world. So many fantastic landscapes can be found along the way too, I was impressed with the mountains of Kazakhstan and Mount Kazbegi in particular, and of course Mount Ararat (which dominates the skyline of Yerevan). For me, the mix of cultures and religions along the way was incredibly interesting as well, from the old mosques of Central Asia to the beautiful monasteries of Georgia and Armenia (Jvari and Noravank were my favourites). Arara was overall an excellent choice as a tour company, they employ hard-working staff and kind, intelligent guides with a passion for their country’s history and culture. Kindness was a common theme amongst all the people I met along this journey really, I wish to return to every country I visited, and I am glad that Arara also made sure not to lose the human to human element when organizing this tour. Excellent overall, if you are interested in Central Asia, I would not hesitate to recommend this tour and Arara in general.

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Maria Hernandez

In October, I visited Uzbekistan and I want to express my congratulations to this company and thanks to my tour operator Muzaffar for the great organisation of the tour in the choice of cities and places I visited. I joint to the group of eight who were very friendly and nice people. However, our first guide was so rude and impolite that we asked Muzaffar to change her with knowledgeable, enthusiastic and energetic guide Shukhrat. Hotels were nice, but there seems to be a problem with hot and cold water. I’d chosen the tour to Uzbekistan which was great, especially days in Bukhara. However, I’ll decide to return and visit entire Central Asia in the future that I left behind again with this company.
Kind regards.
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Jose and Emilia

I and my wife have just arrived in México city and we’ve impressed with the extraordinary, interesting and beautiful mountains in Kyrgyzstan. Till now we talk with our friends and relatives about our big impressions of these mountains. Really if you decide to visit Central Asia, you should absolutely include Kyrgyzstan in your tour. During this visit, we chose two countries from five, and our guide Anastasia told us that Kyrgyzstan stands out with its nature from the other four countries. If you are a nature lover, you should visit Kyrgyzstan, but if you are closer to the historic architecture, you should visit Uzbekistan. The cities Bukhara and Samarkand are distinguished with their amazing architecture. We were lucky with our guides and drivers, all of them were enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgeable. Hotels were nice, but we have the most satisfied and dissatisfied ones. The best hotel for us was the City Palace Hotel in Tashkent, its facilities and services were in the high standards, as well as the members of staff are highly qualified professionals, friendly and helpful. On the other hand, the first day of our living, we got bad mood from room service of Bek Khiva Hotel in Khiva, but after our sign, they tried to make better services. Anyway, everything was spent great and we were satisfied with how we were rested. Now as we haven’t stopped to talk about our tour with our friends, they decide to visit Central Asia too, and of course, they will use this company who had big participation and influence in our tour, without them we wouldn’t have such amazing tour!!!
Kind regards,
Jose and Emilia
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Bhavana Navuluri

This was a really special tour to Central Asia. The land is an absolute surprise of ancient culture and wonderful nature. I felt very comfortable just when started my trip planning. My tour agent was very professional always providing proficient and fast answers to any question I had. Tour program is very balanced with some free time to have walked in the cities. Guides are excellent, Uzbekistan guide Anjelika had big knowledge on history, Tajikistan guide Bobozhon was a big fan of nature, his English was not perfect but he made up for it with a good sense of humour. Uzbekistan cities Samarkand Bukhara and Khiva are the real highlight of the tour. Hotels were very good and central located. Only one concern is I wouldn’t mind having freedom on the meals and restaurant choice, that would be great. Overall I am satisfied with Arara Central Asia and sharing information on them.
Many thanks.
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Raphael Garcia

Hi, Sati!
Thank you for organizing a great tour for a couple around Uzbekistan. We had a city tour in Tashkent where we impressed with cozy and magical streets. Day tours in Samarkand and Bukhara were magnitude. The guide Valentina in Samarkand told us different stories about Registan Square, the city and locals. Our guide Behruz Kurbanov in Bukhara was knowledgeable and energetic personality. He knew so much about the history of Bukhara. But we had a small problem at the beginning of the tour. The airport pick-up didn’t pass smoothly: the driver came late and we had to wait him for an hour. He communicated in English perfectly, welcomed and pleased us for being late by inviting us to taste traditional dishes. He then drove us to the exchange, gave us our train tickets, and dropped off us at our hotel. Everything was great!
Best wishes,
Mr & Mrs Garcia
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Hi Sati,
As you know, I travelled to Central Asia with my parents and spent a great time. We had very informative and friendly guides like Lola in Tajikistan and Jennet in Turkmenistan, as well as drivers moved on the roads smoothly though the parts of Kyrgyzstan were difficult to pass. As the air-conditioning of the car was broken at the beginning of the tour, we want to thank you for a quick response to the problem. All the hotels were nice, but there were the broken shower and hot water problems in the hotel of Tajikistan. Sati, once again many thanks for your hard work. I will definitely be in touch with you soon for future travel.
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