Turtkul is an administrative centre located on the right bank of the river Amu Darya. In 1873, on the side of Khiva fortress, the city was formed and called as Petroalexandrovsk. Afterwards, it renamed as Turtkul in 1920 and was a capital of Karakalpak Soviet Socialist Republic between 1925 and 1932.

Nowadays, Turtkul is one of the greatest cities in Karakalpakstan, but it doesn't have tourist attractions. The city has its own television. In 2010 a large grocery market was opened. Also, in Turtkul region there are six colleges: Turtkul Bank College, Turtkul Industrial Pedagogical College, Turtkul Medical College, Turtkul Agricultural College, Turtkul Industrial Transport College and Turtkul Academic Lyceum.

The former capital of Karakalpak SSR can be proud of a small number of alleys, quiet green streets, a stadium and several educational institutions.

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