The Legend of Tyurabek-Khanum Mausoleum

The Mausoleum of Tyurabek Khanum is named after the daughter of an Uzbek Khan. Her name was Tyurabek. She has later declared a saint. There is a tragic legend connected with the foundation of the mausoleum. It is about the proud daughter of the khan and heartbroken builder.

In ancient times, there was a skilful builder named Gulgardan. The poor man fell in love with the daughter of the khan- the beautiful Tyurabek. He confessed about his feelings to the beautiful girl. Knowing that he would do anything to get her Tyurabek stated one condition. She said. “I will marry you if you build the most beautiful building in the world”. Gulgardan started to work hard and make her beloved’s wish come true. The proud beauty was impressed by the building: its ornaments, colours and structure still impress everyone. However, she didn’t keep her promise and preferred to marry the governor of Khorezm. Heartbroken and disappointed Gulgardan threw himself from the top of the mausoleum and died. Tyurabek married the governor, but when she died she was buried in the mausoleum, which was built for the sake of her love.

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