Ugam Chatkal National Park

Ugam-Chatkal is the national wild nature park created in 1992 to reorganize the Chatkal biosphere reserve. It is located at the Chatkal ridges of Western Tien-Shan. It is a huge park with a total area of 668.350 hectares. This is the largest protection complex in Uzbekistan.

The park is created to protect the unique ecosystem of Tien-Shan and highland woods. The are is full of rare and endangered species of animals and plants. There are 280 species of animals and up to 2200 species of plants.

A big part of the National park is open to tourists. The best season to visit the area is from May to July, as in the springtime the park turns into a kingdom of flowers. The colourful local scenery, the wonderful aroma of blooming herbs and enchanting bird songs make the place an earthly paradise.

Two of the main attractions of the Park are artificial Charvank lake, which is known for its beauty all year round and lake Badak which has an interesting feature of changing colour depending on the time of the day. But the highest lake in the park is Big Chigman with 3309 meters. Its slopes are covered with snow from November till July.

The park is famous for its skiing resort, so it's one of the favourite places for ski lovers. It's at the foot of the Big Chigman mountain and is named after it. The park also offers opportunities for trekking, rafting, horseback trekking, mountain biking, birdwatching.


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