Ulugh Beg Madrasah

The Ulugh Beg madrasah was the first one of the three madrasahs of Bukhara's architectural ensemble. It was built in 1417 by the order of Ulugh Beg, Tamerlane's grandson. Besides the well-known madrasahs in Samarkand and in Gijduvan, he also ordered to build another madrasah in the Islamic capital of Central Asia- in Bukhara.

Ulugh Beg was a great intellectual ruler. He was very much concerned with the further development of his large kingdom. Building the madrasah he hoped that the city would be turned into an educational and scientific centre.

Ulugh Beg Madrasah could seat up to 80 students. There were classes of Astronomy, Mathematics, Arabic and religious subjects. Many graduates of the madrasah later became prominent scholars and poets.

On the date of the madrasah is a description from Koran, which is also considered to be Ulugh Beg's motto. ''The pursuit of knowledge is the responsibility of every Muslim man and woman''. There is also a name in the portal tympanum-Ismail ibn Takhir ibn Makhmud Ispfargoni, which is most probably one of the masters who built the madrasah.

Today the madrasah houses Bukhara Restoration History Museum and the site is one of the favourite places of the Central Asian architecture lovers.

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