Yangiabad is located in Tashkent region, 100 km from the capital. The small town appeared just recently in the 1940s in the place of uranium ore. After World War II Soviet Union started the exploration of uranium ore and the territory of modern Yangiabad was one of the places for the extraction of raw materials.

Residents of the town became the mining engineers from different countries of the USSR. Prisoners were brought to Yangiabad for works in dangerous areas with high background radiation. After 30 years of exploitation, there was nothing left in the mines and the town started slowly dying.

Though the small town doesn’t have any historical monument, it is still a popular destination. Almost all houses in Yangiabad are built in the same style; two and three-story buildings look pretty mysterious in the silent town. The whole year Yangiabad is almost empty and only for summer Tashkent residents move here to escape the summer heat. Beautiful mountain ranges and cliffs surround the city; hiking is popular during summer and for winter months, mountains turn into perfect slopes for skiing. Such natural conditions will soon turn Yangiabad into a popular tourist destination.

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