Ylym Monument

In the western part of Ashgabat, at the intersection of the Yanbash and Bikrovinsky highways, there is a very young monument named  "Ylym", which is translated from Turkmen as "Science". Not far from here is an institute of some technologies, so probably the location is chosen on purpose. This is intended to become a symbol of the progressive development of domestic science, its modern achievements, and the withdrawal of this most important sphere to a qualitatively new, world level.

The monument was opened in May 2015 on the day of the city of Ashgabat. The same day 5 other monuments were also unveiled, among them “Ak Bugday” (white wheat), “Arkadag” (golden monument to Berdymukhamedov), “Yildiz” (star), “Abadanchylik "(prosperity)," Sagdynlyk "(health ), and of " Ylym "(science ).

The total height of the structure from the surface of the earth is 36 meters. The design of the monument is made in the original style of the support, connected in its upper part, which in shape resembles an opened flower. The building is crowned by a symbolic composition depicting 9 planets of the solar system. The lanterns located on the pedestal resemble either ringed Saturns or simply atoms with nuclei and orbitals around them.

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